Fannin Focus Publisher Mark Thomason Indicted along with attorney Russell Stookey, 1 Count Making False Statement, 2 counts Identity Fraud

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A Pickens County Grand Jury returned true bills on Friday, June 24th and indicted Fannin Focus Publisher, Mark Brannon Thomason for 1 count of Identity Fraud, 1 count of Attempt to Commit Identity Fraud, and 1 count of Making a False Statement.  Thomason’s Attorney, Russell Stookey of Hiawassee Georgia was also indicted for 1 count of Identity Fraud and 1 count of Attempt to Commit Identity Fraud. has confirmed with Authorities that Mark Brannon Thomason was arrested Friday evening, June 24th.  FYN will have a full report Monday Morning.

Below you can read the indictment – FYN is working on the complete story.  Tune in Monday Morning at 8 am to Good Morning from the Office – go to and click on FYN TV and watch the full report from BKP.

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  1. J. Lane July 4, 2016 at 9:56 pm

    Wow! It looks like the judge’s and prosecutor’s homeowners policies better be paid in full. The use of a subpeona, even if improperly issued under the court rules, is hardly a crime. I believe the GBI should intervene immediately abd find out from these guys what they think is going on. Transparency on sun light are treat disinfectants. These two judges must be up to something to go to this extent and not use the attorney disciplinary system. The local prosecutor should have run like a scalded dog to the GBI.

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