(D) Jon Ossoff Has Republicans Worried in the GA 6th Congressional District Special Election

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In Jon Ossoff’s newest commercial, while wearing a purple tie, seems like the guy who is ready to reach across the aisle to get things done in Washington D.C. Ossoff claims that both parties are wasting your tax money. There is 16 billion dollars in duplicated programs and he will work with anyone for the best interest for the people. Ossoff has plenty of money to work with; he is raking it in from The DNC, Moveon.org, The Daily Kos, and many other left leaning groups. Republicans on the other hand are working to collect endorsements and raise money on their own. The RNC and The RCCC are pouring money into advertising against Ossoff but are not able to show support for any of the 11 Republican candidates. With 18 total candidates in the race, Ossoff is currently poling 40%. This puts Ossoff in the position to run a campaign attempting to win the 50% + 1 on April 18th to prevent a runoff. The best any Republican candidate can hope for is to keep Ossoff under 50% and be in the runoff. In this segment #BKP explains why he thinks Jon Ossoff’s commercials are effective and the Republican counter attack may not be working.


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  1. Real American April 4, 2017 at 1:08 pm

    “This guy” above, being TRUMP, the unstable fake President with the third wife escort and surgically enhanced daughter and her Jewish husband handling the crazy Pres, and anti-American folks like the Bannon and the Mercers running the show. He’ll start WWIII to try to raise his “approval ratings” while defending Meals on Wheels, farm programs, and all forms of health care so the richest get tax cuts. Hate, racism, bigotry, and greed are their concerns. Makes a mockery of my family’s service to America and pour commitment to Christian values, hijacked by a Pharisee like Pence and the vulgarians like Trumps.

    Wait till the border adjustment tax shoots up prices for all that crap at Wally World. The greed and hate driven GOP Tea Party idiotology will tear America apart. NO Christians among them but that million-dollar a year fake preacher Franklin Graham will be taking it to the bank like the rest of the super rich. GO GOP, destroy American–Putin is laughing at you.

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