Congressman Collins Statement on the Removal of the Bible from “Missing Man Table” at Ohio VA Clinic



Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Doug Collins issued the following statement in response to the news that the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) coerced an Ohio VA clinic into removing a Bible from their “Missing Man Table” display, set up by volunteers at the clinic in honor of service members who were Prisoners of War/Missing in Action:

“As a Chaplain in the Air Force Reserve, I am appalled to see that an Ohio VA clinic caved to the now familiar antics of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. This organization has devoted itself to attacking Christians and undermining the religious freedoms guaranteed to our men and women in uniform by the Constitution. That Mikey Weinstein and his organization would call for a Bible to be removed from a POW display is not surprising, but it is another indication that this organization is blind to our country’s founding principles. I call on the Akron VA clinic to immediately replace the Bible and Bible verse to the display.

I will not stand by while the MRFF fights a misguided battle to erase religious values from public view.”


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  1. jordan ray March 3, 2016 at 12:13 pm


    you know very well that the VA cannot endorse, or give the appearance of endorcing one religion over another.

    As a Chaplain governed by AR 165-1, you also know very well this is not allowed in the Army as well.

    Giving your PERSONAL opinion on the matter in the media while acting as a Government official, and as an Army Chaplain is foolish.

    It’s plain to see whatever constituents you have, you favor one group over the others, and as a Chaplain, you most likely do not attend to all of your unit’s Soldiers needs.

    Jordan Ray
    Captain, U.S. Army

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