Collins Helps Finance National Defense, Combat Extremism


WASHINGTON—Today Congressman Doug Collins helped the House of Representatives pass the FY17 NDAA Conference Report by an overwhelming margin of 375-34. This vital legislation authorizes a total of $619 billion to measures that provide for America’s common defense.

“While the president has sought to reduce our military capacity, today’s vote reverses that trend by authorizing $3.2 billion in readiness stabilization measures and providing service members with the  better pay and health care access they deserve,” says Collins.

“This NDAA also strengthens our fight against radical Islamic forces by keeping Guantanamo Bay operational and its prisoners off American soil. The House took further steps today to provide foreign security forces with resources to combat ISIS and to support our allies in Europe as they counter Russian acts of aggression or interference.”

The Senate is expected to vote on the conference agreement next week.



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