The Question is Still a Matter of Trust


Opinion by George McClellan:

I mentioned in a previous essay that the fabric that binds us together is trust and the loss of that trust through lying, deception, redefinition of common terms to fit political agenda’s, and simply ignoring criminal acts committed by the people in power, is a sure precursor to conflict.

In a one on one argument, somebody often gets a black eye or a broken nose. Fair enough! But in today’s society, whole groups have been so stirred up by the Democrats lying, deception and redefinition that the near open conflict Obama desires, surely awaits us on the horizon.

The thin blue line, our police forces, represents the pointy end of the stick that defends us against lawlessness and anarchy. Through Obama’s lying, situations like Ferguson, Mo., Baltimore, Md. and other places, the thin blue line has been identified as the enemy that should be attacked. To the likes of Obama and Al Sharpton, et. al. let the attacks begin!

America is at a crucial turning point in facing the future. Who will lead us? The ”left handed Republican’s,” led by Paul Ryan and the old elite oligarch’s now on their way out, are near apoplectic at the prospect that Donald Trump, crude in his pronouncements, truthful in his observations and efficient in his business acumen, should become the Republican party’s President. To them, what difference does it make that Hillary Clinton, the most criminal, wicked, awful, sick, demented, lying candidate the Democrat Socialist party has every put forth, should become their preferred candidate. It’s because they too are part of the problem.

Change, to include restoration of trust, is coming through Trump. Whether peacefully during this election cycle or in conflict when the final last thread of the fabric of trust is finally severed, purposely, by the one world government crowd that Obama represents, is irrelevant. Our America will, either by choice or necessity, be plunged into conflict so the roots of the tree of liberty can be refreshened by the blood of tyrants and patriots or preferably, peacefully by the overwhelming will of the people. Don’t bet on it.

Who do we trust, Clinton, whose record of deception, lying, incompetence, and clumsiness is beyond doubt, or the populist pragmatists represented by Donald Trump who speaks truth to the people? It is the media who spins Trump’s comments into stories so they have something to talk about that takes our eyes off of the awful potential of a Hillary presidency.

No one trusts Obama’s any longer. He’s on the way out. Or is he? Can Hillary trust him? We know that he believes he is our intellectual superior who should rightfully assume the reins of the One World Government he so desperately desires. Under the outrageous circumstances surrounding Hillary’s criminality what if, should she be elected and before her swearing-in, Obama orders the DoJ to indite her on her crimes thus removing her and the whole Clinton machine from America forever? Her VP choice will instantly become a nobody, Biden will be retired, House Speaker Ryan cannot advance and so, Obama, still as sitting President, can announces that he will remain in the president’s seat until America’s political and economic situation can be repaired. Can he be trusted? Of course not, so let the anarchy begin.

Conflict is coming. An American civil war, if that’s what it becomes, will consume much of the problems American’s face. Old scores will be settled and new ones created. The still hidden problem of Islam lurking within our midst will blossom forth as a solution but one, if accepted, that will inevitably lead to the total slavery of everybody. It’s decision time folks!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (10 Aug 2016)

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