Serial Walmart shoplifters arrested in Whitfield County

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DALTON, Ga. – On Oct. 13, the Dalton Police Department responded to a reported shoplifting incident at the Walmart at 815 Shugart Road in Whitfield County, according to the incident report.

When Police arrived at the Walmart, they were directed to the female suspected of shoplifting. The suspect was identified as Amanda Dawn Headrick, 36, of Tunnel Hill.

Walmart staff assisted police and reviewed video surveillance where it showed Headrick scanning items at the register which the price tag being altered.

According to the report, Headrick was found with items that had cheaper barcodes taped over the original barcodes on her card. One bar code was replaced with a 25 cent barcode item.

She denined having knowledge to the change in price and claimed that her husband and friend were responsible.

The husband, Nicholas Wayne Headrick, and his friend, John Price both denied the claims. They stated they did not enter the store with Amanda, according to the report.

When officers ran all of their information, they discovered that Price had a felony warrant for his arrest through Whitfield County.

Upon further discovery, all three suspects had been caught shoplifting from Walmart in the passed and were charged with trespassing and booked at the Whitfield County jail.



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