Second Pickens County Bus Driver Arrested for DUI

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JASPER, Ga – Pickens County bus driver, Tammy Decerbo, 43, was arrested on Monday and charged with DUI. This is the second Pickens County school bus driver arrested within 72 hours.

Tammy Decerbo, 43, Pickens County Bus Driver arrested for DUI

Tammy Decerbo (CBS46)

According to Pickens County Sheriff’s deputies, Decerbo was observed driving erratically on the road. They performed a traffic stop when she almost drove her gold Honda Accord off E. Church St. She agreed to take a field sobriety test and failed.

The Georgia State Patrol also administered a field sobriety test, which she also failed. She was subsequently charged with DUI.

Although the Pickens County Board of Education released a statement following Jeffrey Tucker’s arrest, they have not yet released a statement regarding Decerbo.

Both Decerbo and Tucker have bonded out of jail.



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