Pickens County implements automated photo speed enforcement

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PICKENS COUNTY, Ga. – Pickens County school district is now taking speeding in school zones into their own hands – well, figuratively.

They are actually implementing an automated system that would use Red Speed Traffic Cameras to capture vehicles driving through the school zone and it can be used to identify vehicles that are speeding and or driving recklessly through the zone.

The Red Speed Traffic Cameras will be active starting one hour before school begins and continue until one hour after school is out for the day.

According to GA Code § 40-14-18, ‘violations are in excess of ten miles per hour over the speed limit.’

This means that a driver going over ten miles per hour in the school zone during the qualifying times can be penalized and have to pay a fine.

“Our goal is to get people to slow down and be more aware of their surroundings near the schools,” read a statement from Pickens County Sheriff’s Office.

Pickens County breaks ground on installing Red Speed Traffic Cameras on March 30.


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