Pickens County September Board of Education Meeting

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BOE Meeting

JASPER, Ga – The Pickens County Board of Education had its monthly meeting on Thursday September 8th.

Dr. Ron Newcomb at the BOE meetingThe meeting was business as usual as attendees opened up with a prayer  and the pledge of allegiance.

Firstly, Dr. Ron Newcomb, the president of Chattahoochee Technical College, highlighted the success of the college’s collaboration with Pickens County High Schools to provide vocational training to students. This program also allows students to gain college credits in case they choose to further their education in a university.

Secondly, Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) Director Carissa Parker highlighted the federal and state grants the CTAE programs received.

Thirdly, the Chief Financial Officer Amy Smith, broke down the current budget and expenditures made. She highlighted that Pickens County can again boast no debt.

Thirdly, Mr. Wallace gave an update instead of the Chief Operations Officer Stacy Gilleland. He explained that the county is seeking to acquire seven new buses for the next year. The bus orders take a year to be fulfilled. The seven buses will cost around $229,ooo, which the county will pay for out of pocket and receive reimbursement from the state.

The overall goal is to keep the fleet of buses less than ten years old, with up to date security equipment and air conditioning.

Finally, the Board of Education meeting concluded with the members’ approval all the action items.

Board of Education Meeting Agenda

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