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Knoxville, TN – The Knox Board of Education held a meeting on July 13, 2022, at 6 p.m.

To begin, the board welcomed Grayce Decker, newest member, as an AP Scholar and student mentor. Then, information was shared about the previous executive session with the law department.


According to the Board of Education,

TECAP results have been updated. Following, the elementary school and high school students have now made progress with pre-Covid scores in subjects English and Math.

Continuing, the New Teacher Academy begins on July 27th.

Also, the Board has invested in KCS Security Systems this year and the 4.4-million-dollar investment has fully staffed schools with officers in the Knoxville area.

In the English Department, teachers are being very intentional about how the curriculums are built this year and also will be sending out websites for parents to review syllabuses. Following, the funding comes from the literacy programs for courses that embed daily communication on rubrics and ensure development knowledge of educational opportunities for all.

In the Math Department, teachers are approaching math with intentionality as well. There are new instruction models that are in place on more problem-based math. The Math Department is working with new teachers and department chairs firsthand.

Also, middle school teachers are focusing on school wide math and reading. They are progressing to high quality syllabuses that promote student-oriented work and give recognition to the hard-working teachers in the fields that are not favorites such as math.

Overall, Knoxville teachers feel they have learned a lot from the last two years with the pandemic and are excited to model great goal-oriented work for their students. They believe in supporting the competitive changes in the education systems. They are promoting listening to the students instead of presenting for the students.  Principal of Vine Magnet Middle School said, “this allows kids to take ownership of their learning.”



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