GHSA Votes To Downsize From 7 to 6 Classifications

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The Georgia High School Athletic Association met yesterday to discuss a number of things including classification change for the 2024-2025 academic year.

The motion to decrease from 7 classifications to 6 was passed by a vote of 75-0. Starting in 2024, the GHSA will go from 1A-7A to 1A-6A, while keeping the division 1/division 2 split in single A. The number of Regions will also decrease from 64 to 56. The change is designed to cut down on travel and expenses for GHSA member schools.

For ’22-’23 and ’23-’24, the GHSA will still have 1A (which will be split into division 1 and division 2- D1 for smaller 1A and D2 for bigger 1A) through 7A with 8 regions a piece.

The loss of an entire classification is going to move a lot of schools around. Some 3A schools will be sent to 2A and some 2A schools will be sent to D2 single A. If you thought reclassification this winter was bad, wait until this new reclassification starts.

While not immediately going into effect until 2024-2025, the new rule change is definitely something to think about and keep an eye out for.


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