Freedom Caucus says HB 1013 violates principles of conservative governance

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ATLANTA — The Georgia Freedom Caucus announced its opposition to HB 1013 a bill its members say would be a massive expansion of government control in healthcare

According to its press release, the Freedom Caucus, HB 1013 would: “Massively expand government in the style of ObamaCare; Enable back door gun-grabbing red flag laws and violate civil liberties; Put taxpayers on the hook for billions of dollars; Allow the APA and WHO to define “mental health” as they see fit and recommend treatments that violate the consciences of many Georgians;

The press release included statements from members of the Georgia Freedom Caucus

Statements From Members Of The Georgia Freedom Caucus:

  • Representative Phillip Singleton — “Protecting liberty and fighting against government mandates are core tenants of the Republican Party platform. This bill violates those principles and fails EVERY test of conservative governance. I refuse to stand idle while we pass liberal legislation that expands MEDICAID, raises premiums, creates more government bureaucracy, and will hurt the very Georgians it claims to help.”
  • Representative Sheri Gilligan — “There are ways to address the true mental health problems in our state without creating further problems by passing legislation with serious consequences. I am grateful to my Freedom Caucus colleagues for being willing to stand on this issue, even when we were standing alone at first. Now that people have had a chance to see the contents of this bill, their message is clear; we want solutions, we do not want HB1013.”

Representative Charlice Byrd — “This piece of legislation is fatally flawed. We have a duty to not expand the size or role of government, to protect the civil liberties of all Georgians, and to defend the values of our state. I cannot support legislation that is laying the ground work for Stacey Abrams radical agenda, and I am saddened that by my republican colleagues who are blindly going along with this massive government power grab.”






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