Foothills Village Uses Petition to Save Their Businesses

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PICKENS Co. – Foothills IGA customers will find a petition at each cash register. The petition isn’t just a petition to save IGA, but also other businesses and restaurants in the Foothill Village.

The petition to Pickens County Commissioners Kris Stancil, Josh Tatum, and Josh Tippons, states, “We are customers of the Foothills Village Merchants and are asking the Pickens County commission to resolve the Foothills Village sewer issues so that we may continue to trade here and provide sales tax to Pickens County”.

Toile & Bubble Spa and Boutique employee, Andie says, “we have almost a whole page of customer signatures on the petition”.

According to Andie, the septic tank that the Foothills Village relies on is aging out and they are needing to find a solution. The businesses hoped they would be able to switch to a sewage system with the help of the Pickens County Commissioners. If there is no resolution to the problem, then there will be nothing left to do other than close their doors.

This shutdown would include, IGA grocery store/Jasper Drug Store, Park Aire Cleaners, C’est La Vie, Toile & Bubble Spa and Boutique, Fetching Styles Spa and Boutique, Fuego Mexican Grill & Tequila Bar, Ace Hardware and more.

Recently the businesses and restaurants met to discuss the next step to save the shopping center and decided they would show the county commissioners just how much the community members value the shopping center and its employees.

One Big Canoe community member says, “these employees will lose their jobs and we will have to drive 30 to 40 minutes to the next grocery store. The closure of Foothills shopping center would greatly affect our community”.

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