Elementary principal and PE teacher fired for having sexual relations at school

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BANKS COUNTY, Ga. – An investigation into Banks County Elementary School Principal Dr. Dana Simmons and PE teacher Dylan Charles found that the two had a sexual relationship on school property, leading to their dismissal.

Simmons initially sparked concern after alleging that Charles may have access to Board of Education information that he should not have by bugging her office.

Superintendent Dr. Ann Hopkins requested a third party investigation on the matter and upon interviewing both individuals, they discovered the two had an inappropriate relationship that continued on school property.

Charles told officials that he had a relationship with Simmons for several years, both at the school and off campus.

As proof of the alleged affair, Charles provided administrators with photos of the two of them kissing as well as a naked photo of them of them having sex.

He also provided officials a nude picture of Simmons in the restroom adjacent to her office at the school, one of her performing oral sex in a car and a video of them having sex.

Simmons denied having sex with Charles, stating they had an “inappropriate friendship,” but did not elaborate on what that entailed.

Simmons initially denied having sex with Charles stating that is was an ‘inappropriate friendship’ but during her interview with investigators, she admitted her sexual relationship with him and showed investigators a shirtless picture she had of him.

Simmons continued to deny having sexual relations on school property and alleged that Charles’ wife set up all their sexual encounters and would watch the two have sex.

A staff member in the front offices told  investigators that she had seen a text message from Charles’ wife asking Simmons if she wanted to have sex with her husband.

Charles’ wife however told investigators that Simmons manipulated her into allowing her to have sex with her husband in exchange for helping them with their careers.

She did admit to the allegation that she would watch and record sexual encounters between Simmons and Charles.

Also, a former paraprofessional stated that Simmons had previously asked her if she would like to join a swingers group with her.

This led the former staff member to resign because she felt if was unprofessional.

The investigation concluded that Simmons and Charles did in fact have a sexual relationship and had sex on school property.


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