Dr. Michael Gwatney celebrated by board on his retirement

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FANNIN COUNTY, Ga.– Thursday, March 30, school board members, school staff, and family gathered to commemorate Dr. Michael Gwatney, Fannin County Superintendent, on his work in the school system as he retires. 

Shannon Miller, the upcoming superintendent, welcomed everyone in attendance and introduced Scotty Mathis who led the group in prayer. 

BOE chair Terry Bramlett, spoke on his relationship with Dr. Gwatney.

 “He has had a career of service for 30 years,” Bramlett said.

 Bramlett went on to talk about how dependable and driven Dr. Gwatney has been, not only a superintendent, but as a friend. 

Bobby Bearden BOE member, gave a few words on the effect the school system has felt as a result of Dr. Gwantney’s time working for the system saying, “when we all work together the children receive the benefit”.

BOE member Mike Cole spoke on a personal level about Dr.Gwatney and how they have become great friends, “everytime I walk into a board meeting I walk into a room full of family,”

The principals from all the Fannin County schools gifted Dr. Gwatney with a fire pit built in the welding course at FCHS. 

“Our gift is a product of the welding program–a program that is a result of your vision,” one board member said. 

In closing, Ms. Miller gave a few words, “he has built a stronger foundation for a school system and brought our community together.” She went on to say, “ He has been the best mentor, and is a best friend.”

Dr. Gwatney then spoke to everyone in attendance to deliver gratitude. 

“Thank you to the board for this opportunity, It’s special– we’re so blessed in Fannin County.”


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