County issues emergency need to replace HVAC systems

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ELLIJAY, Ga. – Three units in the Gilmer Detention Center and another unit at the learning center connected to the Health Department have failed with no possibility of repairs for these systems.

Gilmer’s BOC has previously bid out HVAC systems to fulfill needs amongst the courthouse and other facilities. However, they rejected the bid they received at the time. Now, the board is returning to readdress the issue as these new system failures have occurred.

Board of Commissioners Chairman Charlie Paris said, “What I would like to do would be to make a motion that we deem this to be an emergency situation and find somebody, get a couple quotes, and get it done as quickly as we can because we are about to head into July and we can’t have these folks in 100 degree buildings.”

Paris also noted that the learning center system is at least 33 years old. Similar to many of the systems in the courthouse, these older systems are reaching the end of their lifespans. The courthouse has been suffering system failures that have caused some offices to begin closing early, but has since repaired them to working order. The county will still continue seeking the bid to repair those but will not add them into the emergency order.

Done in a special meeting in June 2022, the Board of Commissioners will be putting out the order for replacements ahead of the main bid, which is being advertised now. Additionally, the board noted that while two of the systems in the detention constitute the emergency, they are going to go ahead with the extra system in that facility instead of going through two different contracts and costing the county more in the long run.

The county’s July agenda should return to the normal process for the remaining systems.

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