Banks County BOC Vote to Rezone, New Gas Station Planned

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BANKS COUNTY, Ga. – The Banks County Board of Commissioners voted to rezone a 7.27 acre lot from agriculture to commercial and includes a gas station.  The McCoy Bridge road and Hwy 441 adjacent plot will host a convenience store/gas station and retail space. Additionally, Ben Ramsey requested, on behalf of the Rec. Department, some lights for a field on the premises that is currently unlit.  The Commissioners expressed interest in the preliminary motions and Ramsey will move forward with the Rec. Board.

Currently, as night falls, players practicing on the football field must move to the baseball fields to keep practicing.

“I know we need it.  We need additional practice space,” said Commissioner Danny Maxwell.

“How will this benefit our county? It will decrease the wear and tear on our baseball fields. With these new fields that you guys are building up here, it’s going to propagate more people to come into this county and spend more money in this county. But also, it’s going to put those baseball fields to use… in the spring, summer, and fall, if we allow it to,” noted Ramsey.

Some additional benefits would be decreased chances of injury due to terrain change, increased visibility of the facility, and increases useable areas for all sport practices.

Expenses would be electrical grid connection and operation costs.

The other item on the ticket, the lot rezoning, was approved after the considerations of the Board had been dealt with, including the size of the entrance, the number of entrances, etc.

There will be no entrances directly onto 441, due to safety concerns.


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