Dawsonville Pool Room re-opens; Gov. Kemp at celebration

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Pool Room cuts ribbon for celebration of re-opening

“I think this rain’s a sign from the good Lord that this is a day for short speeches,” Gov. Brian Kemp said, as he stood in front of the Dawsonville Pool Room.

Gov. Brian Kemp spoke at Pool Room Renovation Celebration

Gov. Brian Kemp spoke at Pool Room Renovation Celebration

Around lunchtime on Sept. 29, the Pool Room hosted their Renovation Celebration.

As the rain and brisk air filled the air, the story of a family-owned business kept everyone warm. In 1966, when Dawsonville ‘wasn’t much more than a moonshine town,’ the Pool Room opened under Gordon Pirkle.

Michael Garrett, grandson of Gordon, said they have been overwhelmed and blessed with the amount of support over nine generations of a family-owned business.

“More than burgers, fries and tea, this restaurant is here to serve the small town of Dawsonville that we love,” Garrett said.

For the city of Dawsonville, a small, hometown business like the Pool Room reopening is important, Dawson County Chamber of Commerce President Christie Moore said.

“The Pool Room is not only a local treasure but a national icon. Whenever I’m traveling and I tell anyone I live in Dawsonville, I quickly ask ‘Do you know Bill and Chase Elliot?’ Which is always followed by ‘Can you hear the Pool Room siren from your house?’” Moore said. “Our community is beyond blessed that the Pirkle family has continued this iconic establishment and continues to invest in our community.”

Local representative Kevin Tanner said the Pool Room means a lot to him – growing up eating Bully Burgers – and to being able to share the tradition of Bully burgers with his daughters. Kemp said the Pool Room is “literally the fabric of our state.”

“I appreciate all that this community has done,” Kemp said. “Small-business is the backbone of our economy…we’re still in very tough times and have difficult days ahead but we’re in so much better shape than others.”

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