Marjorie Greene announces 14th district run

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My name is Marjorie Greene and I’m running to be Northwest Georgia’s next Congresswoman.

I’ve never held or run for political office before. I’m a political outsider, job creator, and problem solver.

I 100% stand with President Trump against the left-wing socialists who want to destroy our country.

I’ve also been endorsed by Congressman Jim Jordan and Congressman Matt Gaetz – two of President Trump’s strongest defenders in Congress.

Like President Trump, I’m a business owner in the construction industry creating thousands of jobs in 11 states. I’ve spent my life building my businesses and raising my three amazing children alongside my husband Perry.

But I cannot sit by while Nancy Pelosi, AOC and Ilhan Omar roadblock President Trump and the will of the American people.

I’m sick and tired of their anti-Trump, anti-America rhetoric, and their phony witch hunt to REMOVE President Trump from office.

I’m running because I care about our country. And once I’m elected, I’m going to fight against the socialists in Congress trying to ram their agenda down the throat of every man, woman and child.

You see, I’ve already faced down Nancy Pelosi when I delivered the “Impeach Nancy Pelosi” petition I started straight to her office. You may have even signed it yourself along with 329,000 other Americans.

And AOC? She shut the door and locked me out when I confronted her about her job-crushing “Green New Deal.”

I’ve also faced down the Michael Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action and David Hogg when I fought back against dangerous “Red Flag Gun Confiscation.”

And February of last year, I organized one of the biggest Build the Wall rallies to support President Trump’s border wall, shutting down Pennsylvania Avenue.

I don’t just pay lip service like career politicians. I’m a fighter and always have been. And I put my words into action. Imagine what I’ll do once I’m elected.

Republicans need more strong, conservative woman who won’t back down in the face of left-wing attacks.

The “Socialist Squad” members like AOC, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib. . .they’ve never faced a strong, pro-Trump conservative woman.

In fact, they’ve never faced a southern mom of three!

The Republican party can’t afford more Mitt Romney-type Republicans who care more about being liked by the Fake News Media than they do about standing firm for conservative values.

I will fight to DEFUND abortion mills like Planned Parenthood. I will NEVER vote for gun control, and fight against “Red Flag Gun Confiscation.”

I will pass TERM LIMITS on Congress. The American people are sick of the career politicians. We need to pass Term Limits to get them out!

I will fight to Secure the Border: Build the Wall, Fully Fund Our Border Patrol, Defund Sanctuary Cities.

The stakes are too high in 2020 for me to sit back and do nothing. The battle against socialism is about the heart and soul of America. And President Trump needs more allies in Congress.

My campaign strategy is simple: People over Politicians. I will win the May 19 Republican Primary one voter at a time.

Vote Marjorie Greene in the May 19 Republican Primary.

Save America, Stop Socialism!


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