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Welcome to FYN Sunday Edition! Taking a step back from the daily fill that modern media pushes on us, we here at FYN want to take a step towards the better side of news. With no politics and no tragic body counts to worry about, we want to make your Sunday Mornings a lot brighter while featuring people and places from your towns, your artists, your events, and your communities.


Join us as we venture away from the constant depression that modern news is full of, and we focus on the stories that will fill your day instead of just filling your daily limit of frustration. From Pets of the Week from local shelters to Fetching Features and Lifestyle to Entertainment, we’re covering the bases for your Sunday Mornings.

Sunday edition

Also, make sure to not just read us, but join us! Do you have a great idea for an article? Do have a ton of recipes you’re wanting to share? Do you have a special event coming up with your organization? FYN Sunday Edition doesn’t just want to give you articles, but support yours as well. Send us your ideas, your articles, or your community announcements to [email protected] with the subject line Sunday Edition!

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