Short Takes – Beware of Who is in Charge?


Did it alarm you how fast the Patriot Act appeared to control our lives after the 9/11 attack?  When the Tea Party movement started did you ever wonder why Tea Party websites suddenly appeared on the internet, each claiming to be some official TEA Party site requesting donations so they could place our Conservative message in front of those rascally politicians?

I suspect we were duped. Vladimir Lenin said ‘“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”  The Tea party movement materialized because our elected government was doing nothing to protect America and Americans and yet, almost immediately “leaders” suddenly emerged to guide our outrage. They spoke with slick tongues, impressed many of us with their schemes or by confirming out own suspicions and led us willingly where they wanted us to go, harmlessly into the wilderness. Some local TEA party groups did prevail, however.

Were these guides or leaders, in fact agents of either a political party (R) or (D) or government agents of the party in power, or agents of the PAC’s trying to control the message that bodes ill against them. The opposition to our floundering government was controlled. It’s not new, except to us, but governments have been doing it for years. It’s simulated to appear natural and in harmony with common thought but it’s designed to direct us away from the real problems.

It’s truly Social Engineering, the systematic molding and brainwashing of our individual minds so we conform collectively, to group-think and accept their preferred ideology. Consider our  “Snowflake” college students today, looking for safe spaces, denying opposition ideas that confront them and demanding exclusion of all opposing thought. Controlled opposition turns a captive audience into a controlled sheep herd with an accepted socialized message.

In institutions, like colleges, small groups can infiltrate non progressive clubs and organizations

and change the perception of reality. Programming doesn’t take long for educational systems, the media, or an entire nation, to be demoralized within a span of one generation. Controlled opposition exists to subvert and undermine “Truth Movements” all to protect the Establishment.

Once subverted, new ideas are not accepted or believed. Evidence to the contrary is drowned out and they win. Those who do not fall in line, or stand up against the message, are quickly squashed. Humanity, as we knew it, has become powerless, unable to defend itself or the country. The appearance of freedom is illusionary where both sides of a debate are controlled from the top. Natural disasters or acts of terrorism become another chance for opportunists to talk us out of our freedoms. They frame the debate as “for or against.”

The agents of this controlled opposition subverts everyone who listens. Run for Congress and they surround the winner, pounding in the party line with promises of committee chairmanships, influence and cash as the rewards to go along. The Tea party’s are maligned, investigated and infiltrated by the establishments agents as enemies of the state and side tracked.

When at least three generations have been so indoctrinated through social engineering, it only becomes possible to end the charade by exposing it and refusing to participate. We are there right now. We must take back the agenda. If we don’t, then we are indeed lost and no one will trust the message or the messenger. Who can trust the FBI today? They were made agents of Controlled Opposition and have been exposed. Where and when does it end?

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. (12Mar18)

Collins Bill to Honor Fallen Marine Sent to President’s Desk

Press Release, State & National


WASHINGTON—The Senate last night voted unanimously to pass H.R. 3821, legislation to rename Georgia’s Clermont Post Office in honor of Zack T. Addington. Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) introduced the bill this September, and it passed the House in November.

“Lance Corporal Zack Addington represents the selfless courage that’s cultivated in northeast Georgia, and I’m excited to see this bill leave Congress and head to the president’s desk for his signature,” said Collins.

Collins also honored Addington when he spoke about the bill on the House floor.


Known to his neighbors as Zack, Addington joined the United States Marine Corps in 1967. A native of Clermont, he became a rifleman in the 3rd Marine Division of the Fleet Marine Force and deployed to Vietnam that year. Addington was promoted to Lance Corporal and served his country honorably until he was killed in action in May 1968.

That June, Addington received the Purple Heart, National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Service Medal and Republic of Vietnam Campaign Ribbon in recognition of his service there.

BKP Interviews Georgia House Speaker David Ralston

State & National

On FYN TV, BKP interviews Georgia’s District-7 Representative Speaker of the House (R-Blue Ridge) David Ralston, as they discuss President Trump’s aggressive plan for  1.5 trillion dollar infrastructure investment that was presented and highlighted at a meeting for Republican leaders including Ralston, Monday at the White House. Speaker David Ralston comments on what that means for Georgia.

Pictured below: Speaker of the House for Georgia District 7 David Ralston at this past weekends Infrastructure Meeting at the White House with Republican leaders and President Donald Trump.

Short Takes – The Memo


What is the importance of the “memo” everyone’s talking about and expect to see revealed today? It was important enough for the dysfunctional Left Wing Media to attempt to distract us with a silly story breathlessly claiming Trump Wanted to fire Mueller last July. So what? As Hillary Clinton once famously said, “that’s old news.”


I don’t know what’s in the memo but Rep. Trey Gowdy who does, made enough allusions to its contents that I’m satisfied it’s damaging to Obama, the FBI and the DoJ.

Basically, I’m betting the ”memo” rips open the veneer of the protective apparatus of the “Deep State” revealing the extent of the systemic corruption at the highest levels of the Department of Justice. The “Deep State,” especially Hillary Clintons role in it, could not exist without the complicity of the Department of Justice. No one else could pull it off and to do so requires the corrupting atmosphere of favors, promotions and money, dispensed from the very top. It’s deep waters we are wading in, a ”swamp” in fact.


The House Intelligence Committee voted to make public the contents of ‘the memo,’ after the President reviews it. Trump already knows what’s in it and skillful negotiator that he is, he’ll use the power of that knowledge to his best advantage. In the meantime, the DoJ and FBI went into panic mode after Devin Nunes, chairman of the House Intel. Committee, announced he would make it public. The FBI and DoJ claimed that the four page memo shouldn’t be released until they reviewed it first. Why?


The contents of the memo came from the FBI and DoJ so, they already know what’s in it. On top of that, the bureaucracy that is the FBI and DoJ are part of the Administrative branch of government and therefore have no veto power on what the Congress can see or do with the product of their inquiries. It is the responsibility of the Congress to provide “oversight” on what the other two branches of government do. That was wisely written into our Constitution by our forefathers as a checks and balance measure to prevent corruption. It only works when politicians ignore the Constitution and willingly wade into the swamp of corruption.


The fallout was immediate. Andrew McCabe was ousted from his position as the FBI Deputy Director by new FBI Director Wray. Wasn’t it Wray who was alleged to have said he would resign if the President fired McCabe or was that another fake news comment from the liberal media?


Here is the situation. The four page House Intel. FISA Memo is not the document that caused McCabe, and soon many others, to be kicked out of the “Deep State” swamp of the DoJ. It is the conclusions to be found in the forthcoming report of the Dept. of Justice’s Inspector General that’s to be feared. It will be Trumps hammer to hasten the draining of the swamp. Rats will always try to abandon a sinking ship. The DoJ and it’s appendage, the FBI, appears to be a sinking ship. Get out of the way of the rush.


The Republicans, as Eric Holder would have you believe, have not politicized the DoJ and FBI, nor are they destroying them. That was already done by the Clinton’s. The Republicans, and especially Donald Trump, have simply entered the open wound of vast corruption and will wade in with sabers flashing. That’s exactly what the people who voted for Donald Trump wanted and he’s delivering.  


The Nunes Memo is but a brief four page “Cliff Notes” summary of the FBI’s soiled case against Candidate, then President Trumps alleged collusion with the Ruskies.  


In fact, the DoJ’s IG, yielding to pressure from Congress, took up the investigation into the FBI’s decision-making process during the 2016 presidential election. Specifically, the IG was investigating whether former FBI Director James Comey improperly spoke out about the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server when she was Secretary of State. Not about Trumps alleged collusion.


In July of 2016, Comey brazenly and publicly announced that the FBI’s investigation into the  Clinton matter was finished, recommending that no charges against her would be considered because she had “no intent” to disregard the law on handling of classified materials, & etc. In effect Comey told us that while she acted irresponsibly, her actions were not criminal….. and, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’ll sell.


Ah, but the plot thickened. Just before the General election Comey revealed that the FBI had reopened their case on Clinton’s email’s . This startling announcement after NYPD Detectives, in a pedophile investigation, had found her emails on the lap top belonging to former Rep. Anthony Weiner, then the husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin. “Oh, what tangled webs we weave”…


Then, just days before the November election, Comey said that the FBI had uncovered no new information in its new probe on Hillary’s email case and closed it down again. “Oh, the humanity?”


The political Left severely criticized Comey for what he did just before the election. They demanded he be fired by the new President. In May President Trump did fire FBI Director Comey and suddenly, to the Left, Comey was a hero again falsely fired by a rogue President trying to unfairly interfere with the FBI’s Collusion investigation with the Russians. Oh, be still my beating heart.”


The FISA memo will be informative if not shocking. One wonders why we are not really shocked anymore. It’s that IG report that will be the nuclear bomb that opens the DoJ to public scrutiny and may, at last, drain the swamp.


Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

GA 9th District Congressman Collins (R) Interview on the new Tax Bill and its passing

Politics, State & National

Georgia’s 9th District Congressman Doug Collins joined us for a brief phone interview this morning. He started out the interview by saying today is going to be a good day and a good day for the American people. The new Tax Bill should be on the President’s desk by the end of the week, Collins said. This new bill will do away with the Obamacare/health insurance mandate. The American people will no longer be “forced” to purchase health insurance. BKP went on to ask Collins about topics such as the government funding, a possible spending resolution, Russian dossier on going investigation, and a possible 2nd council. Collins finished the interview with a comment about President Trump’s National Security speech. “We have a world that is unstable but a leader who wants to keep America safe and keep our leadership in the world.” As always we would like to thank Congressman Collins for taking time to speak with us.

EXCLUSIVE: Texts Show Apparent Conspiracy to Fix GOP Primary

Election, Featured, Politics

There has been another bombshell Thursday in the ongoing saga of Pennsylvania’s 15th Congressional district. New information obtained by shows an apparent attempt to sway the upcoming GOP Primary to replace the retiring Rep. Charles Dent. 


Screenshot text messages show a group conversation between Lehigh County Party Chairwoman Jessica Banotai, Lehigh County GOP Executive Director Trevor Waldron, and others conspiring to smear Conservative candidate Justin Simmons.

The messages expose brutal tactics in what is supposed to be a neutral, intraparty race, including a suggestion from Banotai to “…get a billboard in Justin’s district and put that hitler youth photo of him on it?”   

In addition to Banotai’s willingness to compare Simmons to Adolf Hitler on a billboard, she also outlined tactics to utilize Republican Party resources to “use the YR page to troll the s**t out justin by sharing and liking all Ryan’s announcements.”

State Rep. Ryan Mackenzie

The “Ryan” she refers to is the other candidate in the Primary — PA House Rep. Ryan Mackenzie, 35. Mackenzie has served in the PA House since 2012 and is considered by most the “Establishment Candidate,” and “handpicked successor to Dent.”


According to her LinkedIn page, Banotai, 28, is also the Finance Director and successful fundraiser for Charlie Dent for Congress. A separate blog also lists her as having worked with Republican Sen. Pat Toomey.

Waldron, who in addition to his role as Executive Director of the Lehigh County GOP also serves as Field Director for Congressman Dent. He quickly chimed in to the Hitler suggestion with, “we can make that happen.”


The connection between Dent, Bonotai, Waldron, and others appears to be a smoking gun that proves accusations made earlier in the week. Simmons alleged an attempt by GOP insiders from the 15th District to “stack the deck” in a manner reminiscent of the actions of the Democratic Party against Bernie Sanders in 2016.

However, unlike the alleged DNC corruption, the latest revelations in Pennsylvania seem to offer hard evidence in favor of Simmons’ claims.


The match up between Mackenzie and Simmons was portrayed by The Morning Call as a “Hatfield’s and McCoy’s race” between what they described as two longtime rivals.

Simmons, 31, has also served in the PA House of Representatives since 2010. In an exclusive interview with FYNTV on September 11, he alleged a history of campaign rigging within the Pennsylvania establishment regarding Mackenzie.

When he first ran for State House in the 134th District… there was a special election and the party hierarchy greased the skids for Ryan, they cleared the field in the special election for him, he hasn’t had an opponent since.

This is just the latest in a series of  events that have unfolded since the election and inauguration of President Donald Trump. Dent, a seven term Congressman, has been vocal in his opposition to both the candidacy and Presidency of Trump that included several appearances on Liberal mainstream media outlets. This resulted in a Conservative rally against him.

Since Simmons initial announcement to run against him, Dent made and abrupt retirement announcement and Mackenzie entered the race the following day. Earlier this week, reports also surfaced that a plan existed within the PA GOP Establishment to have Dent retire before his completed term. This would ensure party insiders the ability to choose the candidate in a Special Election, thus providing Mackenzie with the power of the House Republican campaign machination. Below is a video in which Good Morning from the Office host BKP reached out to Dent via phone call. Dent would neither confirm or deny rumors of retirement prior to the end of his term.







Simmons has since called for the resignation of all involved.

Stay with as more developments occur.


Ask The Doc with Dr. Ray Tidman – pain in ankles, migraines, and excessively dry nostrils


Dr. Whaley and his lovely wife are traveling this week so Dr. Tidman came to discuss our viewer questions this morning. We love when Dr. Tidman comes to visit because not only does he answer our questions he always leaves us laughing with a great joke. Today Dr. Tidman and BKP discussed the opiate addiction problem in the US, healthcare, insurance companies and the scares of government mandated healthcare. He then answered the following viewer questions this week:
I have sharp pains in my ankles at times when I am walking – is this just a sign of getting older?
Can weather changes trigger migraines?
I’ve put petroleum jelly on the inside of my nose for years to relieve dryness. Is this safe?
We would like to thank Georgia Cancer Specialist for Sponsoring this Segment.

All-Star Political Panel with Bruce, Rick, BKP, and Jane


Today the All-Star Panel covered a wide range of topics: failed Obama-care, John McCain, Jeff Sessions, and the President’s speech to the boy scouts just to name a few. The panel was divided on a couple of the topics today which doesn’t happen often. Listen in to hear what topics they were not all in agreement on. To join the All-Star Political Panel come up to Sycamore Crossing every Friday morning at 8:45 am.

Ask The Doc with Dr. Whaley – olive oil, finger nail grooves, & ocular migraines


Dr. Whaley always comes to tell us the latest in health, ask our viewer questions and talk politics with BKP on Fridays. Today they discussed politics, the President’s speech in Poland, concussions, and our viewer questions. This week’s viewer questions were:
1) What is an ocular migraine? Is it a sign of something serious?
2) If olive oil is high in fat, why is it considered healthy?
3) Are nail ridges in fingernails cause for concern?

We would like to thank the Georgia Cancer Specialist for sponsoring this segment.

All-Star Political Panel – Trump tweets, good or bad for the President


This weeks All-Star Political Panel had much to discuss. They covered topics such as Congressman Steve Scalise being shot on the baseball field, the Russian investigation not having any real evidence, President Donald Trump’s tweets, and so much more. At the end of the panel listen in for BKP’s word lesson for the week. Not only does Rick show him a few words he missed this week but Jane also helps him with grammatical correctness. You do not want to miss our All-Star Panel always keeping you up to date with the latest political news going on this this country. If you want to be on our All-Star Panel on Fridays come out to Sycamore Crossing in beautiful Down Town Blue Ridge to sit in and share your opinions in the discussion. - Dedicated to serve the needs of the community. Provide a source of real news-Dependable Information-Central to the growth and success of our Communities. Strive to encourage, uplift, warn, entertain, & enlighten our readers/viewers- Honest-Reliable-Informative.

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