The Hidden Danger Still Lurking Out There – The UN


Ignored amid all the hoopla surrounding the hoards of illegal immigrants bashing at our border,
our rising national debt, the threat of war, as in Russia vs. the Ukraine and real war, as in
Islamic Jihad vs. everybody, lies the “New World Order” scheme of the United Nations.

The vehicles for achieving compliance is by creating mass hysteria with the ‘Climate Change’
nonsense (again) and “open borders” immigration. If we fail to pony up what’s left of our national
treasure, they say, as a carbon tax to save future earthlings from deadly CO2, and we fail to
reckon that Progressive Democrats now run the House, a social time bomb, largely ignored by
the main stream media and corrupted politicians, is still facing us. It’s the UN’s Agenda 21, a
Marxist based social engineering scheme to stealthily impose the New World Order they think
will create a world of happiness, harmony and equality by reversing climate change, what ever
direction its’s going, ending civil strife and, through their enlightened progressive leadership,
ensure the earths survival. No plan has yet been posited on how to plug up those hundred or so
active volcanoes contaminating the atmosphere, or stopping the massive rising “greenhouse”
pollution coming from economically expanding China and India.

Their second dangerous scheme is their ‘open borders pact,’ one we are now experiencing
along the Mexican border. The Agenda 21 schemes, are anti-American. They want us to view it
as a “sustainable development” plan to share the earths (Americas) bounty and make all nations
equal with no one nation (the US) any more equal than the others. This will be accomplished by
taxing the productivity of advanced nations and redistribute their “fair share” of their undeserved
wealth with less productive countries i.e.: think Africa!

Progressivism, aka: Marxism, view Americans Constitutional “rights” to private property
ownership, private home ownership and vehicle ownership that permits unmolested freedom of
movement, as anathema to their beliefs. Progressives view family owned farms as destructive
to the environment; and that farm production would better be left in the hands of a “collective” or
appointed experts (Monsanto e.g.) for the equal benefit of all to enjoy. Environmental resources
would then be available to all, according to their need, by the offices of the States redistribution
plans. The UN wants such social justice schemes to become policy.

Advocates for the Agenda 21 schemes attempt to downplay the consequences of their New
World Order, believing, probably correctly, that the unfolding of the scheme, step by step, will be
so slow that people today will forget about it tomorrow like creeping Socialism always does, until
the trap of socialistic hopelessness and despair finally snaps shut. By then America as we know
it will be long gone, just another clump of earth to be populated by the disease ridden minions of
poverty, hunger, and non-production, creatures for whom the daily burning of wood fires will as
quickly denude Americas great forests, such as happened to the indigenous Indians peoples of
an earlier period. In time, the American could easily look like a copy of prosperous Haiti.

The UN’s website does not lie on the subject. It’s all there to be read. The UN admits that
suspicious scientists and analysts point out that every aspect of human existence has some
“impact” on the “environment,” and they say, so what? The UN even claims that CO2, a gas
exhaled by everyone on earth and absorbed by every tree, is a “pollutant” that requires
regulation. America really needs to get out of that organization of collectives. It’s unhealthy for
free people who are paying for it; it has become the legitimate enemy of liberty and it’s too damn
expensive to maintain while getting nothing out of it but grief.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em (28Nov18)


The Big Surprise


Imagine if you will, Trumps presidency unexpectedly crashing on the shore like a huge tidal
wave sweeping away all before it. Few saw it coming and fewer less, could imagine its impact
on the status quo of American politics. What caused that super life changing Trump tidal wave?
Simple answer, it was Americans seeing and hearing for the first time in decades a real
conservative candidate running as a Republican, who was willing to stand up and fight the
Liberalism, Marxism, Democrats and the ‘elites’ who were choking America to death.

That singular November event rejuvenated Americas lost soul. A stone of realization was
dropped in the water, the ripples racing out in all directions gathering in every lost soul it
touched, rushing onward to its inevitable end, the promise of draining the swamp.

Literally thousands of people attended every Trump election rally. None had less that 10,000
enthusiastic attendees, cheering wildly, looking hopefully forward to the future. At last they could
actually see there was indeed a swamp of political corruption in which both parties gleefully
swam, that had to be drained. A pox on the Republican who stands in the way of that dream.
The swamp dwellers, the epitome of an insiders only club, now fearful of losing their sinecures,
their influence and the never ending flow of cash from the lobbying industry, are marshaling their
forces to resist, including corrupt #Never Trump” Republicans, the changes he wants to make in
how the government operates, to Make America Great Again, by draining the swamp. Trump
must have read George Orwell’s 1984 when Orwell said: “Our lives begin to end the day we
become silent about things that matter. In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a
revolutionary act.” All I can say, since 8 November, is welcome to the revolution.

In their Fake News, lies, innuendos, and rumors of presidential dysfunction, the naive
princelings of the mean street media, launching attack after attack to discredit Trump, are
shocked when their efforts do not resound with the people who made him President.
What the mean street media breathlessly expects in 2018 is a “hell or high water” turning point
for Republicans with the Democrats returned to Congress. They aren’t going to get it. The
Democrats are simply not going to be returned to power. They are no longer the alternative.
They have lost most of American governments at local, state and federal levels in election after
election and they still insist they are the only possible choice. I don’t think so.

Democrats cannot reclaim Americans trust when their leadership consists of a foul mouthed
marxist as their DNC head, a Muslim as his deputy, an anti-American faux Indian Princess as a
presidential candidate or a tottering old Marxist fool now under investigation for fraud. What is
their message? More of the same? More free benefits, more illegal immigrants, more perverts in
our toilets and in the military, more attacks on the middle class and more defense of the
indefensible, Islamist jihadism. What could possible go wrong there?

The big surprise will be within the ranks of the Republican party when the GOP’s candidates are
seriously challenged by Tea Party Conservatives. It’s conservatives replacing “elites” that’s
going to come forward in 2018. The gauntlet has been thrown down. The Elite GOPer’s, in an in
our face defiance, having refused to repeal Obamacare will dare voters to challenge them on it
thinking the passage of time will dim memories. These people have a steadfast commitment to
inaction brought on by a haughty indifference to the will of the voters.
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