Short Takes – Schemer’s Shutdown, The Dirty Secret


Schumer’s Shutdown, The Dirty Secret.

The Schumer Shutdown was a calculated ‘game of chicken,’ two objects, amnesty for illegals vs. building a wall, objects hurtling headlong at each other to an inevitable collision. For one side to achieve success the other side must give up, move away and yield the field. Failure to do so should be like the immovable object meets the irresistible force, a smash up of incalculable violence unless, of course, one of the objects was squishy. Hummn?

The calculation has always been predictably the same, with the same outcome, Democrats win, Republicans lose. But not this time. No, this time one of the energy forces was Donald Trump, not a Republican, but definitely a leader. The Republicans haven’t enjoyed real adult supervision like this since Ronald Reagan but, they haven’t yet moved to embrace Trump.

Schumer, secure in his arrogant insouciance, called for a government shutdown and Trump didn’t respond!  He all but laughed off Schemers threats, ignored alarming the public and very efficiently hung the shutdown debacle around Schemers neck, and it drug him down.

The media was shocked by Trump’s handling of the “Dreamer” negotiations. “Why, that was not how the game was to be played.” But nobody told Trump. Negotiations are supposed to be conducted between the political parties, a consensus arrived at and a bipartisan bill placed upon the President’s desk that he was expected to sign. Not this time. Trump made campaign promises and he expects to fulfill them. The non-Republican President already knew what he wanted, and he told them so. The mere political expectation for the usual order for things, heretofore designed to meet Democrat demands, amnesty for all without a wall, simply wouldn’t pass muster for President Trump. Shock, OMG!

Trump didn’t get involved in the detailed negotiations, he simply told them he would have the wall before any amnesty for illegals would even be considered. Schemer thought he could call Trump’s bluff, with the American people behind him. But Trump wasn’t bluffing. It took two days for Schumer to realize that Americans weren’t with him after all and he give up, a first!

Schumer’s dirty little secret in this game of chicken is the dangers of underestimating Donald Trump. For over the first full year of his presidency, Trump has continuously demonstrated his ability to connect with the people on all the issues the politicians ignore. Trump is absolute in trusting his instincts and he knew he would prevail because he understands the peoples gestalt far better than poll takers, precinct workers and the fake news media.

More importantly, Trump clearly doesn’t trust Republican leadership either, locked as they have been for so long in the policy of failure. We see changes here with Paul Ryan realizing where genuine conservative leadership comes from and adjusting his position in the House. Mitch McConnell is slowly coming around too. The taste of victory is sweet and delicious. The taste of failure, a first for Democrats, is like the bile rising up from an upset stomach.

What is Trump’s secret? First, he doesn’t even try to appease the NYT or Washington Post or, more especially, CNN.  He doesn’t need their approval because nothing he could do, short of quitting, would ever earn their respect. Instead he attacks them as the purveyors of fake newsies and propaganda they have become and therefore he delegitimizes them as trustworthy sources of real news. The people love it and Trump knows it. We can’t afford to lose this man, he’s a fighter!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (25Jan18)

Short Takes – War and Rumors of War


War and Rumors of Wars

If you’re reading this then the chances are you probably know that the people of Iran have risen up in the streets of Tehran and every other major metropolitan areas of the country to bring down their fascist government of Islamic ayatollahs. If you didn’t know that, your getting your news from the wrong sources. CNN for example, directs its entire focus of today’s news on Trump’s Tweets. CNN, ABC, MSNBC, NYT & WaPo, have all entered the Twilight Zone of organized dementia that defy explanation. Worse, they don’t seem to know that.

If you’re learning this for the first time, believe it, it’s happening! Blood is flowing in the streets of Iranian cities and towns because the Ayatollahs security forces, men who haven’t yet faced their own distraught families on opposite sides, are still willing to gun down protesters as ordered.

Make no mistake Iran, as a third rate nation, is still the world’s most dangerous exporter of terrorism, and despite their fancy uniformed “Kuds forces,” their freshly painted tanks and shiny rocket launchers passing in review in grand parades, militarily, they have little consequence except as supporters of conflicts and world wide terrorism. Like fascist Germany, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, the Kuds force, perform like the waffen SS of Nazi fame, a political police force trained as combat units. Their main purpose, to control their own population.

Iran was an oil producing nation so, where does their money come from to afford all this? Barack Obama helped by bribing them with billions of dollars in cash, supposedly not to go nuclear. That’s a fact. Where did vast cache of Obama’s free cash go? Much of it went into the private bank accounts of ayatollahs and government leaders. Some of it can be recovered through international banking processes but most of it went to support the Kuds forces, to finance Hezbollah in Lebanon, ISIS and Assad in Syria and Iraq, and support other reckless military adventurism in Yemen and, against their own Kurds in their north. What news outlets like CNN won’t even bring up is Obama’s hand in the affair or the extensive military losses being suffered by ISIS and the Revolutionary Guard forces by Trump’s reversing the Rules of Engagement.

Absolutely none of Obama’s largess to Iran went into their economy. None of it, The people are starving, their economy produces no incomes, inflation is killing ‘em, everything is directed to supporting the Islamic regime, spreading terrorism, forcing Shariah on other people, murdering Gays by hanging or precipitating them from roof tops, imprisoning protesters and torturing dissidents. It is the sum total of fascism, clothed in the garments of a major religion. It is Obama’s fascism and he wanted it here in America.

America is in distress. Thankfully, at last, we have a leader who sees the future, knows the cause of our problems and is fearless in telling the world that America will no longer be their patsy will no longer face problems with the indecision or compromise that invites insult, nor support programs that do not reflect the basic rights of human beings. It’s over.

We can thank Barack Obama for his fecklessness, his treacherous machinations of Americas true purpose in the world and his destructive attempts at social engineering American into the trash heap of history right alongside the ancient Romans. He didn’t quite get us there but he tried awfully hard and his party, the Democrat party, a totally Socialist expression of totalitarian in the Marxist mold, are still trying their darnedest to make it happen. Conservatives need to rejuvenate the Tea Party’s and get to work. The Democrats are. What are we waiting for. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (04Jan17)

Senator David Perdue Discusses President Trump’s Asia Trip On CNN

State & National

Senator David Perdue Discusses President Trump’s Asia Trip On CNN

“President Trump has developed a consensus of support on North Korea and opening doors for a non-kinetic solution. We have to find a way to get through here.”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator David Perdue (R-GA), a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, spoke with Alisyn Camerota on CNN’s New Day about the recent tragedy in Sutherland Springs, Texas, and President Trump’s trip to Asia aimed at strengthening partnerships with these countries to denuclearize North Korea.


Answers From Air Force: “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families in Texas, like they did in Nevada and earlier events. We want some answers. I agree with Senator McCain. We ought to find out what happened in the Air Force and why this information was not fed into the database. There are things we need to know and learn from.”

Non-Kinetic Solutions: “First of all this is a President engaging with the rest of the world after eight years of disengagement. He has developed a consensus of support on North Korea and opening doors for a non-kinetic solution. We have to find a way to get through here.”

Direct Talks With North Korea: “President Trump has intimated both publicly and privately that this would be in the cards. I’m convinced, though, that this is in the best interest of China and the United States to get together and find a common solution. I’m also excited that President Trump is intimating that he wants to talk to President Putin about this as well. Russia plays a major part in this.”


July 14, 2017
NEWS FLASH…It’s now being reported by the Communist News Network (AKA CNN) that, thru a reliable leakier, 172 million Russian KGB spies voted for Donald Trump in last years election! Their crying Impeach him! He’s guilty of treason!
Watching CNN’s “Crack Journalists”, (as well as all the “MSM” main stream media), interview people, (if there are any people who still do), is like viewing a bunch of bilious morons foam at the mouth while they do all they can to destroy our country.
So, what is the truth about Russian Hacking? One look at the health care software developed for ObamaCare one can conclude the Russians, as well as other countries, had the capability to penetrate our computer systems at the highest levels. But wait a minute. If they could crack our secured systems what about an unsecured system located in a closet somewhere? After spending my life in the software development business I believe they would have a cakewalk into Hillary’s Server. As they logged onto her system what did they find? “33left”, “15 right”, “21 left”…click…welcome into “Pandora’s Box”. What kind of information would the Secretary of State have on her system? Would she have the passwords to the highest levels of the DNC? How about access to other countries servers like the French for example? Seems like the Russians also interfered in their recent election. The list goes on until this day folks so who is really guilty of Treason? 
As we celebrate the birthday of our great nation once again, one has to wonder how close our lives are today to the beliefs of our Founding Fathers. Would they see our country as sound constitutionally or, would they be appalled at how far we’ve drifted from their intent?  Are the predictions of Brutus, (AKA Robert Yates), the author of the October 18, 1787 Essay I, coming true before our very eyes? After all Hamilton, with the support of Madison, in writing the Federalist Paper 84 was bitterly opposed to a “Bill of Rights” in the Constitution. If not for the determination of the Anti-Federalists we would not have a “Bill of Rights as law today”.
When one takes a close look at the First Amendment, for example, you quickly see the answer to how close we are to the original intent. Consider a coach of a local high school football team kneeling before a game to pray with his players. The amendment states that “Congress” shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibit the free exercise thereof. It goes on to state that the people have the right to peaceably assemble. So where in this scenario did the coach replace congress and make a law? We’ve allowed the heathens to turn the first amendment around as well as many of the others.
This brings us to “Repeal and Replace” “ObamaCare”. Does anyone believe our vacuous members of congress are capable of doing this? Is the Federal Government capable of running the people’s health care insurance? Is any healthcare insurance good for the people no matter who administers it? When you look in the weeds the answer is a resounding no. All one has to do is look at the case of 11 month old Charlie Gard and the answer is clear even to the greatest skeptic.
We as a nation are fast approaching our Abapical position!
 Ed Huber

A Noise in the Woods


We’re acquainted with the phrase: “if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, does it still make a noise?” Extrapolate the question: “If CNN is still producing their lies, does anybody still watch it?” While we cannot possibly equate the sound of a tree crashing in the woods, with the frustrated screams of impotent dismay coming from the staff and interviewers of the Crazy News Network, (CNN).” The parallels of dying organisms remain the same. They all fall.

A dead tree usually falls of its own accord when its lifeless roots finally release their hold on the sweet earth and the once vibrant and living organism falls, finally to lie lifeless and supine on the forests floor. It will slowly decay eventually turning to dust, adding what nutrients it has to the benefit of new growth in the whole forest.

Not so with collapsing news organizations like CNN. They make a lot of noise when they fall whether you want to hear it or not because everybody talks about it. CNN is in denial supported by MSNBC, ABC, et. al.. They have rotted long before their demise and their fall will never nourish the remaining networks still left standing in the forest.

Exactly what is the poisonous source that is killing CNN? why it’s the political neanderthal, Donald Trump, sloshing his un-presidential way through the swamp of excepted practices of Presidential leadership. Why, he’s not presidential at all. He tweets, he tells it like it is, he trolls reporters and journalists, revealing their weakness’s, he talks with the Russians, he is, according to CNN’s Brian Stelter, “dangerous” and a “fascists.”

A youthful Trump supporter, supposedly a computer savvy teenager, became the target of a rabid CNN act of character assassination. Oh, the horror, a mere child ridiculing the once great CNN with a Trump video meme. CNN’s negative reaction was shocking and another blow to their reliability. In defense, CNN’s Brian Stelter, in another almost apoplectic breakdown of his sanity, organized another panel of leftists syncopates to defend the networks questionable “outing” of the young blogger, by threatening to reveal his identity.

Predictably, because they are Leftists, CNN attacked their other critics comparing them to the hundreds of blog threats of violence allegedly received by Leftist journalists. This marks the start of their own victimization claims. When Leftists claim victim status, and their conspiracy theory can’t be debunked, then perhaps it’s no longer just a theory.

John Avlon of the Daily Beast, in CNN’s defense said:“We’re the real victims, we're going to swarm on– via social media at the very least with real threats to try to create an aura of confusion. And it has to be predicated on a fundamental lie to distract from the original issue, which is the President of the United States tweeting out a meme that shows violence against a news outlet. Then we'll do that and we’ll try to play the victim and get the upper hand. And we’ll use social media swarm tactics to do it.”

Is that what is now taught in schools of journalism or is this merely the leftover, embedded corruption of the Clinton machine that suborned everything decent in its path, people, institutions, even leadership of the FBI?

The awful legacy of the Clinton’s is coming into clearer view. The Clinton News Network, like the Clinton foundation it protected, is rotten to its roots. When the collapse does come, the noise will be frightening. Don’t stand beneath a falling tree! Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

Changing the Toxic Environment of Fox News


All the major media outlets are abuzz over Fox’s recent release of Bill O’Reilly and what is being called the toxic environment of the network. You would think the toxicity would be sexual harassment considering the accusations towards Roger Ailes and recently Bill O’Reilly. Not that we don’t think that the accusations about O’Reilly and Ailes could be true, and yes Fox has had to pay out millions of dollars to settle several lawsuits. However that is not the toxic environment that James and Lachlan Murdoch are genuinely trying to change at Fox News. Fox News has been known over the last 20 years as the conservative media alternative to CNN and MSNBC.

Before turning the power over to his two sons, Rupert Murdoch sided with anything Roger Ailes wanted to do. Why not, when the network is the number one and is bringing in a billion dollars? The two sons have much more liberal views. In fact James and his progressive minded wife Katherine, have long been embarrassed of certain elements of Fox News. They trash Donald Trump on their Twitter feed quite often. It is very clear that the goal is to move Fox News to the left. The remaining talent at Fox makes a pretty good paycheck and it’s best to seem they are satisfied with the new direction the company is going.

The coveted 8 o’clock times slot now belongs to the Fox News, up and coming superstar, Tucker Carlson. What better way to say you are going in the total opposite direction, no pun intended, than Bill O’Reilly is to have your first guest be (Bruce) Caitlyn Jenner. Jenner not only identifies not only as a female now but also as a Republican. Really? That’s who Tucker picked for his first debut guest or is this a clear signal for Carlson’s conservative viewers to see transgender, Republican tolerance. Now that’s what I call changing the direction of the network.





Karen Handel Welcomes Trump to Campaign with Her in the 6th District


(R) Karen Handel seems to be doing exactly what is necessary to get out the Republican vote in the 6th district. (D) Jon Ossoff has to spend the next two months convincing the Democrats just to go back to the polls. On the other hand Handel has to get every registered Republican vote she can; regardless of who they voted for last week or in the Presidential primary election. Within the next two months it won’t be hard to bump into a well known Republican in the 6th district. Handel has received endorsements from almost every single Republican. From her one time rival Governor Nathan Deal to what some consider controversial President Donald Trump.

BKP questioned last week what Karen Handel would do concerning Donald Trump voters. Would she embrace President Trump during her campaign or listen to the media and turn down the possibility to campaign with The President?

During an interview on CNN, Handel shared her conversation with The President stating “He just called to say congrats and encourage me and let me know as we go into June 20, it’s all hands on deck for Republicans.” When asked if she thought Mr. Trump might come down and campaign with her, Handel responded, “I would hope so,” adding, “I don’t think this is about any one person.”

The 6th Congressional district race could set the tone for the 2018 midterms. For Republicans the 6th district will look like a real “who’s who.” But who will the Democrats send to help Jon Ossoff in this important race; Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, or maybe even Maxine Waters.



How Will President Donald Trump Pay for the Border Wall

Featured, Politics

The media won’t be happy until they see a picture of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto presenting President Donald Trump with the BIG check. You know the Publishers Clearing House size check that has written in the memo area “Mexico payment for the wall”.

Congress has to pass a spending appropriations bill before the end of April to prevent a government shutdown. Trump is asking for money to start the famous wall. You know the one, Mexico will pay for.

Attorney General, Jeff Sessions along with Homeland Security Secretary, John Kelly stress we need to start construction of the southern border barrier now.

Sessions is determined to shut down America’s worst criminal gang MS-13. Kelly warns that the next major attack will come from terrorist groups like ISIS partnering up with Mexican drug cartels.  Both Kelly and Sessions sound the alarm on the enormous amounts of opiates, heroin and cocaine coming across the border. Just recently Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed a State of Emergency to deal with opiate addiction problem.

The media keeps asking how we are going to pay for the wall? We have paid for the wall. We have paid with the blood of our children butchered by illegal alien gangs like MS-13. We have paid with the lives of our children who are dying daily from drug addiction.  

Don’t accept your congressman asking how we are going to pay for the wall. Tell them they need to support the President and the wall is already bought and paid for! - Dedicated to serve the needs of the community. Provide a source of real news-Dependable Information-Central to the growth and success of our Communities. Strive to encourage, uplift, warn, entertain, & enlighten our readers/viewers- Honest-Reliable-Informative.

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