• Short Takes – Predictable Outrage – Stop SCOTUS

    Predictable Outrage – Stop SCOTUS First, the good news: The danger of a youthful soccer team perishing in a monsoon filled cave deep in the jungles of Thailand after nearly two weeks, is now ended. All twelve boys and their leader have been rescued by the splendid efforts of Thai Navy divers and other volunteers. […]

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  • Short Takes – A View of Revolutions

    A View of Revolutions The Progressive media propagandists and Democrats, when unable to mount a viable argument supporting their version of why fascistic socialism is good for America, inevitably turn to name calling, their favorite being to call Conservatives Nazi’s. In their beady little minds that word encompasses racism, sexism, islamophobia, white privilege, etc., etc. […]

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  • The Devil Manifest

    The Great Deceiver  I want to share with you a visit I had from the devil. Please listen. I hate talking about sin and the devil, but this is what the Lord has given me to do at this time. The devil needs to be expose our families are being attacked. I will tell you […]

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  • Short Takes – Independence Day, Can We Keep it?

    Independence Day, Can We Keep It? As Americans, we see that the focus of the rising tempo of incivility in our public discourse has moved from politics to issues of culture and we must ask why? Well, it’s because for America, the political arguments have already been settled although one side won’t admit it. It’s […]

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  • Short Takes – A Contagion of Mental Illness

    A Contagion of Mental Illness Dementia appears to be a growing phenomena in our society, but really, it’s simply because there are more of us. But, for a whole group, a body of singular individuals to display the disease of mass hysteria, now infecting the Democrat party, is alarming. Well, maybe not, Remember the Jim […]

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  • Short Takes – The Agenda, Why They Won’t Stop

    “The Agenda” – Why They Will Not Stop Twenty years ago our government was in the hands of a misogynist, but popular nincompoop, one William Jefferson Clinton. His tawdry life’s experiences, beyond his official duties, is too painful and sordid to repeat here. We all know the tale. What we don’t know was why the […]

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  • Short Takes – America’s Brown Shirts?

    America’s Brown Shirts? Does Maxine Waters represent her version of America’s Brown Shirts? The rash of organized deranged fascists screaming in the faces of Trump supporters, Republican officials and anyone with a MAGA hat, is emblematic of Ernst Roehm’s Brown Shirts of a by gone era in a country far, far away. Roehm directed violence […]

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  • Short Takes – American’s, Starved For Decency

    American’s, Starved For Decency “Live and let live” was once a cherished but un-codified phrase that kept us from punching each other’s headlights out over minor disagreements on any number of subjects. It has been swept away by the political philosophy of socialism that demands complete control over everything, the rule of laws be damned. […]

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  • Short Takes – The Derangement of Compassionate Fascists

    The Derangement of Compassionate Fascists As a conservative, I could not be more grateful or pleased for their contributions to Trump’s continued Presidency and the assurance of his re-election in 2020, then that provided by the continuing Mueller circus, the daily visual presence of Hillary Clinton and the deranged mutterings of California’s premier female nut […]

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